For patients who prefer to make monthly payments on their dental treatment, we offer financing through CareCredit.CareCreditApply






As a convenience to our guests with dental benefits, we will submit the charges to your dental benefit provider at no extra cost. An estimate of your portion due will be requested at or before your appointment time.  image2

Dental benefit plans can vary from company to company with different procedures having benefits on one plan, while not on the next. If your benefits are offered through your place of work, your employee benefits director can usually help you become familiar with your plan and its restrictions.

invoicePlease understand that your dental benefits are a contract between you and your dental benefits company. No dental benefit plan covers all dental costs. Upon request, we are always happy to provide you with an estimate of how much your dental benefits will most likely help you towards a particular therapy.  We always try our best to come up with an accurate estimate for ours guests but we cannot guarantee any specific payment by your dental benefit company on your behalf. The most accurate way to determine your dental benefit would be direct contact between the subscriber of the dental benefit plan and the dental benefit plan company.

It usually takes two to three weeks for benefits to be paid. If after 60 days the dental benefit company has not contributed, we ask that the patient pay the balance of their account. We will continue to help patients seek settlement from their dental benefit provider for a reasonable amount of time. It may be necessary for the patient to contact their dental benefit company to expedite the payment.



Just pick your favorite location below and click on a link to reach your financial helper!

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Preferred Providers

We accept and will help you with almost any insurance out there. We have contracted with several dental benefit companies as “Preferred Providers”. Please check with your insurance provider for more details.